Editive is a Creative Design Agency busy blending colors to highlight meaningful digital stories of products and brands.

The goal is to offer an exquisite visual experience through the overall concept and the graphic design. Our professional designers always manage to find the perfect graphic solutions that matches both your needs & expectations. With an experience of over 10 years, the team handles each project individually, making sure the final delivered design meets two important aspects: usability & style.

Who We Are And What We Do?

We are a small team of people with a common passion, for graphic design. We work with colors since forever and we are in a continuous learning expedition on how to be better, on how to create impactful stories through meaningful designs.

After thousands of coffees we decided to put the base for Editive and this is how our Creative Design Agency was born. The need for visual stories is visible to everyone and we want to become THE Agency where ideas are brought to life. Our main assets are endless creativity and innovation.

Each step of the creative process, we keep our customers engaged and we optimize their experience through a transparent communication. The result is a successful campaign with impactful designs and one happy customer with a significant growth sale.

Our Skills

Elegance, Style and Execution 84%
Mobile Games and Re-skins 89%
User Interfaces Design 77%
2D Animation and Effects 68%

Graphic designers communicate ideas through visual and text. Our team has creative thinkers and doers who master technology as they have the capability to generate solutions for all kind of clients through creative means. From photo editing to vector characters, illustrations or FX, our creative team delivers the proper digital message or experience in order to be relevant in the current post digital age.

All of this involves creativity, as well as team work & creative problem-solving skills.



Brand Identity

Your visual identity is the first message towards a potential consumer. Make it count! Our team can design a clear and consistent brand identity ready to be remarked and most important, remembered.


Mobile Games

From character to storyline, we visualize & design the perfect environment for a successful mobile game. Each step of the way, we iterate, animate characters and adapt them to create a story and a very lean gameplay.



We create visual stories with your brand. Let’s spread emotions, get to people’s hearts and reach all the potential customers you know or didn’t know you had. The right mix of visual & text will sell almost anything!


Apps & User interface

The proper mix of colors, graphics and a user-friendly flow makes the difference between a successful app and a bad app. We always use simple curves and geometries combined with new trends to make it more user friendly.


Merch Design

Whenever you look for something different and original to make you unique? Every time! Now, art can reach not only on the wall, but also on t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, and many other products that can be used indoors or outdoors.


Animation & FX

We design cartoons and bring them to life creating a moving storyline with it. The two-dimensional animated objects can be used in video for presentations, but also in games for a dynamics of a gameplay!

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Do you need a visual artist to make your plans reality? Do not hesitate and drop us a line! From a character board to a flyer or brochure, our team has the capability to transform concepts & ideas in authentic designs.

Work Process


We are proud to share a small part of our work. Once again, we must mention the fact that for an awesome design work there are no limits, we can create stories, we can animate characters and make everyone smile.
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