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Established in 2017 – Editive started with a group of people who are passionate about graphic design. From 2018 we enter the fashion game daily. We understand the need to be different and the need to create visual images to keep people’s minds and eyes close to art. Our mission is to create simple, attractive clothing designs at affordable prices, using a clean and modern design form.

All our goods are made to order, we carry no inventory. This process is more sustainable as it eliminates excess inventory that can sit on shelves and eventually be thrown into landfills. We source our products from various suppliers around the globe. A network of vendors allows us to offer a wide range of goods in numerous categories.

We deliver in a lot of places, even the crazy ones, and for different costs, some quite affordable, and others are only suitable for Saudi princes. For more details you can visit the shipping page for a full exposure.

As we only deal with the design, Spreadshirt our fulfillment partners, have a pretty good return policy. If you do not like the shirt, for any reason, you can return within 30 days for a full refund or exchange, as long as you have not created anything in the customizer. Read the full details here on this page.

Each individual product has a size chart chart at the bottom, but you need to click on a design, then a specific product to see it.

Most garments are best cared for by machine washing in cold water with like colours. Don’t tumble dry, iron if necessary, no steam. Keep graphics looking new by turning them inside out before washing. You can find more care instructions here.

Yeah, it’s easy to overlook the field, during checkout on the right hand side under your cart products there’s a text link labeled “+ Redeem Your Coupon” you gotta click. Sorry about that.

We have some 3XL and 5XL shirts squirreled away, the trick is you gotta use our custom designer to get at ’em. From there just click Choose Product > Men’s (or women’s) > Big & Tall, and voila!

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