Motion Animation

Motion animation can be used when sharing your business story in a visual & digital way. Motion graphics work very well in a corporate environment if you’re trying to deliver numbers or data in a way you want them to be remembered. Nowadays, no one wants to stare at a spreadsheet especially if there are ways to bring those figures to life by taking your viewers on an animated journey that explains where they came from and why they’re important, you’ll have a much stronger response. This is just one way to use it.
Or you can use it for game designs. So far, our designers use 2D animation to bring characters to life and engage them into the gameplay. We’ve all watched cartoons (some of us more than others, of course), but modern 2D animation is far from being childish. With this format of animation, you can really build your brand visually and push your imaginative boundaries.
Below is just some example of what we’ve done.

Sleepy Jungle

Wizards vs Monsters

Summer Splash

This land is mine!

Character Design Throw & Celebrate

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