Summer Splash

Surely you remember summer in the 90’s when kids used to play outside with water, don’t you? If not, you should play Summer Splash! It’s the typical tower defense, designed to be both funny and friendly with any player. The street décor, the water’s effects and the animations of the characters are well studied and built to be as close to reality as possible.

Betti Fruit Farm

Betti Fruit Farm is the typical 3 match game, collect the fruits and help Betty keep the farm productive. Ready to farm and bring a smile on Betty’s face?

Egyptians vs Mummies

Is a “tower defence” game with Egyptians. The goal is to unlock characters, develop their skills and be the hero. Time has come to save Egypt from the hands of the mummies.

Ninja Runner

Ninja Runner has as main character a mysterious tiny ninja. The goal of the game is to guide the small ninja towards the shortest way to the king’s castle. The overall graphics and the décor makes players both addicted and very curious to follow him during his journey.

Pokeball Shooter

This is the typical bubble shooter game. The players need to release the “pokedinos” from the colorful balls.

Dinner MC Phatass Crash

This game is a pamphlet with all the fast food brands worldwide. The player has been hired by McPhatAss fast food to fix the machines and robots that automates fast food preparation and delivery.

Flat Jack

A typical 21 card game. The overall design of the game and of the cards is flat and clean. This is one asset that makes the game remarked through simplicity & elegance; nothing fancy but a true card game.

Gummy Bear

Is a game for all ages. We all love gummy bears and the game is designed to make you wish you had one. The gameplay is very easy and the overall design is simple and colorful.

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